B&B Room 4

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Archipelago Booking of Finland Ltd
Rantapolku 1
21660  NAUVO
+358 2 410 6600
The Bed & Breakfast and conference venue Kirjais Kursgård is situated in a 100 year old archipelago school building in the lovely village of Kirjais. Here you are surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Nagu archipelago. There are 8 bedrooms and room for at least 35 in the dining room, and 40 in the conference room.
For rooms 1-7 the toilets as well as showers are shared. There is also a shared refridgerator, water boiler and microwave owen available.
In rooms 4,5,6 (two of the beds) and 7 the beds are on top of each other.
General Information
Room typeDouble room
Number of beds2
Number of spare beds0
Town Parainen
Private facilities
  • Toilet in common bathroom
  • Shower in common bathroom